Welcome to The Lacquer Diaries!

Welcome to the blog! I can only really speak for myself here, but I am really excited to be getting this blog going (… and I’m sure that Ally feels the same). Sometimes it’s really nice to have an outlet, somewhere to share thoughts and emotions. Sometimes those thoughts and emotions are about nail lacquer… Okay, that’s pretty frequent with me at the moment.

I mean, you know it’s getting bad when you have a two hour conversation with your boyfriend’s sister about nail lacquers… And finish the conversation by buying a set of ~MYSTERY~ polishes from NZsale.

All in all, a very productive two hours!

Either way, you’ll be expecting a lot of lacquer reviews from the authors here at TLD. On top of that, I’m hoping we can provide you with news about new and exciting colours from our beloved brands, and with a bit of time on our side, some tutorials too.

So welcome! Add us to your readers, your rss feeds, your tumblr (yes, we’ve even got a tumblr!). We hope that you’ll enjoy what we have to offer!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Lacquer Diaries!

  1. Welcome, girls, to the nail polish bloggers. We are a bunch that love colorful nails, love sparkly colorful nails more and glittery even more!

    Really, kidding aside, nice blog. And welcome.

    I followed you on tumblr but do you have bloglovin or somewhere similar I can follow you?

    You can also check my blog :)

    • Hi Asli! Thanks for the lovely welcome.

      I’ve not heard of bloglovin, but I tell you what, I’ll look into it and will have an account for us set up tomorrow.

      Will check your blog out. Fancy doing a link swap at all?

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