Bahama Mama by Essie

Bahama Mama - Essie (natural light)

My local pharmacy had a promotion for Essie nail polishes the other day & as I was already buying “fill the gap” (I use it as a base coat), I did a little impulse buy of what I thought would be a nice fall berry shade.

Nope. This polish, originally in the 2007 Bahamas collection is a rich dark plum, that often reads burgundy, or, as in several of my swatch photos, brown(?!). The polish is streaky – I would say a minimum of three coats to make it opaque. I only have two coats on, and you can see the uneven finish, especially on my middle finger.

The colour is also not quite what I expected from the bottle – not bad, just different, and it’s not as flattering on my skin as I thought it would be. Normally I would be much more upset about this, but I got the polish for free so I can’t bring myself to care. I’ll probably end up selling it online & definitely no more impulse polish buys!

Bahama Mama Essie (flash)
the above photo (taken with flash), really shows just how streaky this polish is, although the colour in this photo is much more true to life than the top photo.

3 thoughts on “Bahama Mama by Essie

  1. I can definitely see what you meant by underwhelmed the other day. Although the colour could be quite lovely, I think the finish is definitely ruining any chance of it being a Good Staple Polish.

    Sadly, I’m finding this a lot with Essies. The bottle colour always seems so misleadingly different to what it looks like on your fingers.

    • I think the thing that really bothers me about it is that in some lights it looks like a lighter ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’, which is on my my favourite polishes. But then I just end up comparing this to LPAD so. I think a lot of the earlier Essie polishes have an iffy formula – and the bold colours especially so. Until about two years ago they were great for neutrals and reds & they’re trying to expand into more but it’s not really working.

  2. A lot of my older Essies are a bit streaky, too. Luckily, they seem to have worked on the formula because the newer polishes apply much better.

    Though, it is a nice color!

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