Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? (Yes, I do)

Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? is from the OPI Holland collection (for Spring 2012). According to the official description, all of Holland hollers for this crowd pleasing plum. I don’t know about all of Holland, but I would be happy to proclaim my love for this polish in the middle of the Hague. (See what I did there?)

It’s a purpley plum with a golden-pink shimmer. The shimmer is super subtle, but in sunlight it looks amazing. The formula is a dream, a perfect 2 coat polish.

This is a photo taken yesterday afternoon in sunlight.

DYJLO - sunlight

It’s a pretty accurate representation of the colour, it often looks a little darker than this. The shimmer is gorgeous in sunlight & a top coat really makes it really stand out.

Here it is with flash, just for reference.

DYJLO - Flash

I would really reccomend this polish, it’s a really gorgeous mid-purple that I think you could easily wear all year.

5 thoughts on “Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? (Yes, I do)

    • Thanks! No problem, it’s just that my cuticles are really dehydrated at the moment, so it’s peeling. I don’t like to pull at or cut the skin, I’ve had issues with the skin getting inflamed and things. I’m normally really religious with cuticle oil &hand cream.

    • So it should be! It really is fantastic, I can’t stress how perfect the formula is.

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