Main Stage

I’m not exactly a pink person. When I was twelve, I remember getting irrationally upset because, rather stereotypically, I’d been given the pink room of our new house, over the lovely blue room my brother was allocated; I don’t remember ever having an awful amount of pink in any wardrobe I was allowed to pick. Even today the only pink things I tend to graviate towards are Rosé wines and this heinously bright pink lip scrub from Lush which smells, feels and tastes like pure heaven.

Yet, this seems to be one shade I keep going back to. To me, it feels like the perfect pink for pink haters. There is no way that anyone could really deny the pink in this. It’s bright. It’s vibrant. It’s pretty obnoxious, even. However, there’s something to it that makes it so, so good. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s a little darker than a lot of pinks I find? There might be something to the redder tinge this one has, too. Either way, Main Stage has made it to my Main Stage – that is, my list of staples.

Main Stage is by Ciate. It’s pretty much fully opaque in two coats, or three if you’re an idiot like me and decided to add another coat before the previous coat was anywhere near being able to handle it. It’s pretty long wearing too. I got three days out of this, which is pretty good for me, as I’ve usually got a huge amount of tipwear by the end of day two and I end up wanting to strip my nails bare and start over. Longer wear is definitely a plus for me.

Plus, the bottle is damned cute.

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  1. I am so not a pink/red polish wearer, but lately I’ve found myself drawn to some… the red NerdLacquer polish is one. And I can definitely see myself wearing a color similar to Main Stage on my toes during the summer.

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