Man! Today has just been one of those days. Every time I’ve gone to sit down to do this post, something’s gotten in the way (including two different changes to my nails. I really couldn’t make a decision to save a life today!)

I’ve been lusting after Nubar polishes for quite a while now, so when I had the opportunity to purchase a couple, I jumped at the chance. Amongst 2010 and Iris Dust, I also grabbed this beauty, Stardust, which has to be my favourite of the lot.

I absolutely adore everything about this polish. It’s so light on my fingers that I don’t notice any tipwear, which is pretty big for me because I’m usually stripping my nails clean of lacquer the very moment I see anything happening at the tips. The colours definitely take the cake though. The amount of shift on Stardust is just stunning, and I feel like I’m wearing several different colours at once. I certainly got lots of complements on it, so it must be good!

The only thing I didn’t like about this polish is just how thin it is! This sucker is seriously runny, and I honestly couldn’t figure out the perfect amount to have on my brush. Too much? The lacquer pools everywhere. Too little? It basically looks like you’ve not put anything on your nail at all. The finished result here was three coats, and even then I had to add an extra coat to two or three nails from bald patches. I really hope this thickens up slightly from oxygenation, because I love it so much that I want to continually use it, but I don’t think I could tolerate the runniness on a regular basis.

But then I remember how much of a gorgeous shift this one has. And I’m not sure I really care.

7 thoughts on “Stardust

  1. HOLY FRICK that is a beautiful color :0 It reminds me of Sailor Moon’s dress :D I think I have go go find it now. . . I’ve never even heard of the brand :(

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