Let’s talk about cuticles (& a super quick mani)

My cuticles & I are not getting on at the moment. It’s like as soon as the weather started to turn, my hands decided to dry out and cause me all sort of heartache.

I’ve mentioned before that my nails are weak, from years of biting them. When I got over that habit, I picked up a new one, which is picking at the skin around my nails – which, I know, is awful and gross and all that, but it’s compulsive & all I can do normally is keep my hands moisturized & try and stop it.

When I was in California recently I picked up some Soap & Glory Hand Food at Sephora. This stuff is amazing – it’s great to have in my handbag for when I’m on the go & can’t use my Clarin’s hand & nail cream, which is great for deeper hydration. I also use the Essie apricot cuticle oil, which keeps my cuticles supple & east to manage.

Recently though, the cuticle oil hasn’t been enough. I’ve found that my cuticles are dry and red and generally sore & looking awful (in the photos below, they look much better than they were a week ago).
Thankfully, at the beginning of May, a friend gifted me some Lush lemony flutter cuticle BUTTER. And this…. this is a godsend. It’s a thick cream that smells divine & is super moisturising. You can also use it on knee’s and elbows – anywhere with dry, hard skin. I’ve been generously applying at night and rubbing it almost all the way in & in the morning I wake up & put the Essie cuticle oil on. It’s taken a week, but my cuticles are finally getting better.

This is a quick manicure that I did to get me through work this weekend. It’s a base coat (three coats) of MAC’s Hanging Loose from their Surf’s Up Collection. I never really liked nude polishes until I found this one – it’s such a great match for my skin tone, but with a nice peach undertone – & I love the shimmer! The ring fingers also have an accent of Top Shop’s ADRENALIN. The glitter is a pink rainbow holographic with very pale sheer pink base. This is probably one of my quickest manicures, but it’s also one of my favourites.

Hanging Loose - MAC

This was taken under floursecent lights on my iPhone. You can see some of my cuticles aren’t looking 100% yet & there is tip wear – the perils of being a receptionist unfortunately.

Hanging Loose - MAC

This is a close up of my ring finger, for detail. You can also see just how bad my nails were in this photo. I’m getting there though!

6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about cuticles (& a super quick mani)

  1. Oh my god, Cait, they look SO sore :( I know what it’s like to compulsively pick and bite at the skin though, I used to do that obsessively. Taking care of my cuticles was pretty much the only thing that got me to stop, and when i’m stressed, I still end up retreating back to bad habits.

    So, so bad.

    I hope your poor little fingers get better soon.

  2. That does look painful!

    I do adore Lush’s Lemony Flutter which I use overnight and often during the day I use Julep’s cuticle oil in a rollerball. I have one in my purse, one on my nightstand (which is next to my vanity) and one on my desk. The trick is to apply OFTEN!

  3. Something that may help, buy some Lansinoh Lanolin (available at most drug stores). SLATHER it on your finger tips an then wrap with plastic wrap/cling film, and then tin foil. Like taking off glitter polish.

    I know, sounds annoying and time consuming. But trust me, even just one night of this will help. Lanolin helps heal cuts and wounds in record time, softens skin better than anything else, and is just honestly a miracle in a bottle.

    This coming from a life long compulsive picker (face, lips, scabs, etc).

    • Agreed on the Lansinoh… It’s for breastfeeding women, but it heals and protects dry/cracked/sensitive skin, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

      Lemony Flutter and other similar treatments are great, but I prefer them for maintenance rather than actual healing.

    • Ooh thanks! I’ll give that a go. Lanolin is so popular here I’m sure I’ll be able to find something similar.

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