Fantasy Fire

October 25, 2012

Oh yes, today I have the coveted Fantasy Fire by Max Factor to share with you. Surprisingly enough, you can actually buy Fantasy Fire here in New Zealand, the stock hasn’t been entirely depleted and it isn’t horrendously expensive! Of course, I didn’t find that out until after my birthday, as Fantasy Fire was a surprise gift from my future sister in law: Thanks, Vic! :)

Excuse my poor little nubbin of an index finger, I had a fight with a potato peeler, and evidently, I lost.

Fantasy Fire is best worn as a top coat, over a black, blue or a purple, your mani is transformed into a stunning, shimmering set of nails that will cause you to walk into walls, because you’re too busy staring at your fingers. I started with a base of Max Factor Amethyst (Also a gift from Vic!) and added two coats of Fantasy Fire. The result, as you can see, is a beautiful purple, mixed with red, coral and orange shimmers. The great thing about Fantasy Fire is that over another colour, such as blue or black, the polish transforms itself once more, producing different colours.

Only downside? Tiniest. Bottle. Ever.



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Autumn Spam

October 12, 2012

I’ve decided to occasionally post a bit of nail spam when I’ve been wearing polishes that don’t necessarily need their own post.  And since autumn has arrived (for those of us in the northern hemisphere), I have been powering through my autumn-esque polishes… so, spam post it is!


First up is Purplexed, from Cover Girl’s old ’3-in-1 Step’ line. The polish has a purple base, with multichrome action that flashes purple, green, and gold.  Though it is a bit sheer, it applies smoothly and evenly.

On its own, at two coats, the polish is pretty but not spectacular:

Cover Girl Purplexed


One coat of Purplexed over black? Much better!  The purple really pops when layered:

Cover Girl Purplexed



Next is Foxy, from China Glaze’s Fall 2010 Vintage Vixen collection.  China Glaze describes Foxy as a “burgundy frost with shimmer”, though it certainly doesn’t come across as a traditional frost on the nail.  There is a little burgundy there, but it’s mostly a deep orange-red with copper shimmer.

The formula is great; the polish flows smoothly on the nail and is opaque in two coats.

China Glaze Foxy


Here you can see more of the orange and the copper shimmer, though the latter is mainly visible in the bottle.

China Glaze Foxy



Finally, there’s Idyllic, a multichrome from CQ. The polish flashes rust, bronze, and purple… it’s like autumn in a bottle.  Unlike Purplexed, Idyllic is opaque and has a strong shift with just two coats.  Dark ‘undies’ not required.

Two coats:

CQ  Idyllic


One coat of Idyllic over two coats of Foxy:

CQ  Idyllic




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Every Month is Oktoberfest

September 2, 2012

Here’s yet another polish that has me impatiently waiting for fall and winter (well, the polish and the ridiculous heat) –  Every Month is Oktoberfest from OPI’s Germany collection.

I found the bottle color to be a bit misleading, though the polish is still gorgeous.  In the bottle, this vampy polish seems like a deep red/burgundy and gold duochrome, but the first coat shows that it actually has a translucent purple base.  The second coat deepens the color and brings out the shimmer.  On me, it pulls slightly purple, even in full sun.

The formula is great… very smooth and only needs two coats.

Below you’ll see two coats of Every Month is Oktoberfest, topped with Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender:

Natural light -

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest


OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest


Artificial light -

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest




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Purr-fect Plum

August 20, 2012

I’ve had an absolutely awful time polish wise lately. I’ve been so busy with work and life that I hardly have the time to do a decent job of my nails, and when I do, I seem to ruin them within five minutes, or absolutely hate the job I’ve done. Naturally, as a result, I can’t seem to bring myself to take photos.

In even worse luck, I ordered the 6 Native polishes from China Glaze’s ‘On Safari’ collection, only to have one of the polishes (Elephant Walk) leak during transit, and three polishes arrive with faulty brushes. I’ve not heard back at all from China Glaze regarding the faulty brushes, which is a bitter disappointment because I really expected more from them: I wasn’t asking for anything but replacement brushes, which would cost them very little. I guess it’s bad news for them, because now they get a slightly miffed blogger unleashing a little anger on her blog! ;)

Nevertheless, I really have been enjoying the ‘On Safari’ collection. I’m keen to get a few that Ally has featured from the Tourist side of the collection, particularly the holo glitters, but for now I’m enjoying the dark, fall-y colours from the Native collection. One colour I’ve found myself wearing several times since receiving it a few weeks ago is Purr-fect Plum, which is fairly revolutionary for me, because I often go several months before wearing the same polish again.

Purr-fect Plum is really that: The perfect plum. It’s lovely and deep with strong pigmentation. With a thick enough coat, this could be a one-coater, but due to capping my tips, mine required two coats. I adore the colour: In some lights it leans more purple, in others more red, and in others more pink. I can see myself wearing this many more times before spring and summer properly make an appearance here in NZ!



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A slightly neutral gradient!

July 24, 2012

Hi folks! So, forgive me for the lack of posts lately, life has a knack of getting in the way. At least Ally’s been on the ball sharing some of the gorgeous China Glaze On Safari collection… I’ve got a couple to share with you soon too, so definitely keep an eye out!

Today, I’ve got a bit of a gradient mani to share with you. I’ve tried the gradient technique before with poor results, which I have a feeling is mostly to do with the tools I’ve used. It didn’t turn out too badly this time around, so I thought I’d show you the results.

For this manicure, I started with two coats of Fast Track by China Glaze. Then, using some make up sponges, I sponged on a combination of Fast Track and Zoya’s Lotus by layering them over each other on the sponge and sponging on. The amount of Lotus that transferred wasn’t quite enough for me, so I then sponged some more of Lotus by itself on the very tips.

I really love the result. The neutral base was an interesting alternative to the typical gradient manicures I usually see. I got LOADS of complements on this one at work, so I must have done something right!

The only downside..? The make up sponges :( — I bought them especially for nail art, however, they flake off little bits of sponge VERY easily, and absorb NO water, which is a massive downer, as I’ve seen the best gradient manicures achieved with wet sponges. Boo.

Have you tried a gradient mani before?



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