OPI Sheer Tints

March 27, 2014

Here’s a quick look at a couple of the new OPI Sheer Tints, I Can Teal You Like Me and Don’t Violet Me Down.

These are both very sheer polishes, as the collection name suggests.  In the photos below I used two coats, which gave the nail a wash of color.  I find that the polishes are not flattering on their own, but are perfect for nail art and layering.

The consistency is thick and syrup-like, so application can be a pain.  Also, I had trouble with bubbling… even with just one coat.  It’s not noticeable from afar, but you can definitely see it up close.


I Can Teal You Like Me:

OPI I Can Teal You Like Me


Don’t Violet Me Down:

OPI Don't Violet Me Down


A cute Venn diagram mani, inspired by this Birchbox video:

OPI I Can Teal You Like Me, Don't Violet Me Down


OPI suggests another layering technique in this video, though I think I’d prefer a white base for that, as well.


So what do you think?  Will you be picking up any of the Sheer Tints?



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China Glaze Strike Up A Cosmo

December 17, 2013

China Glaze Strike Up A Cosmo and OPI Skull & Glossbones

Here’s a different take on candy cane nail art with China Glaze Strike Up A Cosmo over OPI Skull & Glossbones.

Strike Up A Cosmo is from China Glaze’s Fall 2013 collection, Autumn Nights.  It’s a pink/purple foil with a strong gold shimmer running through it.  The formula is very nice; I only needed one coat for the mani seen here, though I would probably opt for two coats if I were wearing it on its own.

Here it is under artificial light (natural light in the previous image):

China Glaze Strike Up A Cosmo and OPI Skull & Glossbones

I applied the top coat too soon, so there are a few streaks.  Eh, it happens.

Are you planning any holiday inspired manicures?


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Every Month is Oktoberfest

September 2, 2012

Here’s yet another polish that has me impatiently waiting for fall and winter (well, the polish and the ridiculous heat) –  Every Month is Oktoberfest from OPI’s Germany collection.

I found the bottle color to be a bit misleading, though the polish is still gorgeous.  In the bottle, this vampy polish seems like a deep red/burgundy and gold duochrome, but the first coat shows that it actually has a translucent purple base.  The second coat deepens the color and brings out the shimmer.  On me, it pulls slightly purple, even in full sun.

The formula is great… very smooth and only needs two coats.

Below you’ll see two coats of Every Month is Oktoberfest, topped with Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender:

Natural light -

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest


OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest


Artificial light -

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest




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OPI Bubble Bath

July 1, 2012

Hi folks! Firstly, I apologise for the gap between posts for me… My life has been overwhelming lately! The bright side is that it’s exactly two months until I get a week in the beautiful South Island of NZ to spend some time in Queenstown with my family. Very much looking forward to it!

Today, I’ve got a sandwich to share with you. I absolutely adore OPI’s Bubble Bath, but sometimes it’s a bit … lackluster? Naked nails are always good, but whilst I wanted something a little bit basic for my nails, I didn’t want to dull it completely… So I decided to add a layer of Zoya’s Chloe in between coats of Bubble Bath.

Unfortunately, the mani was somewhat ruined by my Seche Vite being a bit rude. For some reason, the brush had picked up a buttload of dark blue from the previous mani I had done, and so I ended up with yucky little black specks all over my beautiful manicure. Boo!

Just a quick reminder that you’ve only got a few days to enter our awesome giveaway! Be sure to get in on that :)



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Well hello there!

June 14, 2012

Hey ladies! My name is Cassy and I’m going to be posting here from time to time, and hopefully I will be a good addition! I’ve posted a little information about myself here for those that are curious.

Today I’m posting a manicure that I did inspired by a picture I found on pinterest (see my pin here). It’s called a Straw Manicure and I think it’s pretty awesome looking! I got lots of compliments on it and a few people thought they were nail stickers. Can’t be too crappy looking if people think someone printed a bunch of them out and made money off of it – then again I’ve seen some pretty terrible ones so nevermind…

Flash picture of manicure

Anyway, on to the nails~ I did this manicure preeetty late at night so I didn’t have really good lighting to take a picture so I did one with flash. Thanks to my new “lint free” cotton squares, I have a few stragglers on some finger tips. Try to ignore them…

Daylight picture of manicure

The next day at work I took a slightly better pic with daylight and super flattering fluorescent lighting. Unfortunately I already had some tip wear :( that is probably because I threw on the top coat and didn’t do a good job of making sure it was all covered and dried. Oh well. I sported this for about four days before the chipping started to really bother me. If you’re curious how I did it or the colors I used, see below!

Base coat: Nail Life Gripper Basecoat – I dig this stuff, dries quickly and does a great job of keeping polish on my nails. I have a big problem with polish coming off entirely in the shape of my nail and this really seems to help!
White: OPI Alpine Snow (2 coats on most fingers, 3 on some)
Blue: OPI Thanks A Windmillion
Light Green: OPI Stranger Tides
Dark Green: OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window (love this color name!)
Top Coat: Seche Vite fast drying top coat

Now, I’m not some kind of OPI fanatic, although I do love them. I just happened to think these colors went together really well. I had a fourth color picked out and decided against using it once I had the first three on – Finger Paints Hue Are You? It’s about as dark as Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window and with this much going on I’m not sure it would really be visible or change the look other than to make it busier. I liked that I had a decent amount of white showing.

The steps for this look are pretty easy but I will break them down for you:

1. Paint nails opaque white – let dry completely, 2. Get something you don’t mind getting polish on that’s flat. An art palette would be wonderful but I just used a piece of foil on my desk, 3. Put a blob of all the colors you are going to use. Now if you want to go slow and take your time, do one color at a time to avoid letting the others dry by the time you get to them. I did one color at a time on all ten fingers then moved to the next. However you want to do it will work I just figured this would let each color dry a little in between., 4. Using a straw (I used a McDonald’s straw, but I think next time I will use a smaller one – not tiny just smaller so the circles are more obvious on my nails), dip one end of it in the polish and move it around a little to pick up some of the polish then using the straw, stamp it on your nail in random places. 5. Repeat with each color you’re using, 6. Once dry, finish with top coat to seal it in and protect the design (hopefully better than mine!).

Hope you guys liked it, I will try to find another picture or tutorial and try it out in the coming days. Hopefully I will get better pictures (and results!) Until next time~



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