Sharon’s Heart and Euro Trash

May 20, 2012

Just a quick little Sinful Colors post.

2 coats of Sharon’s Heart, a bright pink with gold shimmer, with 2 coats of Euro Trash over the ring finger. As mentioned previously, I’m not usually big on pinks. I don’t quite mind warmer pinks, and especially pinks with a subtle alternative colour shift to them. The gold shift on this one is what appealed to me, to be honest. These were the first Sinful Colors lacquers that I’ve tried, and I picked them up quite cheap at an outlet mall in Auckland. Can’t complain, they’re lovely polishes, and definitely pretty unique to my polish collection.

In other news, we’ve finally reached over 5000 unique pageviews! This means GIVEAWAY TIME! … Well, almost. I’ve got an extremely busy week coming up, and do need to order two more things I’ve had planned for the giveaway, so I probably won’t get a chance to start it up until this time next week. All the same, keep an eye out, and let your friends know. This will, of course, be international!



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