Sula Paint & Peel Swatches

(To read more about Sula Paint & Peel polishes and how I feel about the formula, visit this post.)

This is part one of my Sula swatch-fest (as much as it can be with a total of eight Sula polishes, including the swatch in the previous post)! For these swatches, I applied as directed – clean nails, no base or top coat. Something to note: almost all of them dry darker than the color in the bottle.

Dove – 3 coats. This polish was nearly the worst of the group, as far as application. I love the color, but it took three coats to get this level of coverage and it was still a bit uneven in areas.

Tango – 2 coats. Applied well and had nice coverage in two coats. You can see just a hint of visible nail line.

Royal – 2 coats. Again, applied well and was opaque in two coats.

Four more Sula Paint & Peel swatches will follow soon!


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