Athens, Greek Isles, and Be Happy

The title for this post sounds like a bad slogan on a tourism poster, but it’s actually the names of three polishes from the recent Sinful Colors ‘Cast Away’ collection. I’m fairly certain Athens and Greek Isles are new polishes, and I assume Be Happy is a repromote based on the name.

The colors are somewhat similar, so it may be useful to compare them. All of the swatches were taken under artificial light.

First up is Athens. The formula on this one was the easiest to work with, and it’s also the darkest of the three. The swatch below is two coats, without a top coat –

Next is Greek Isles. This one was a bit streaky, but mostly leveled out on the second coat –

Last is Be Happy. The polish was a bit thick, which made application more difficult. It also dried the least shiny of the trio. Here are two coats, no top coat –

Finally, here are all three side-by-side, with Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money thrown in for fun. This time I topped them with a coat of Poshe (the Gelous in the picture was my base) –

(Left to right: Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money; Athens; Greek Isles; Be Happy)


One thought on “Athens, Greek Isles, and Be Happy”

  1. Whoa. Those are absolutely gorgeous. They go so well together, too. They are only subtly different but each of them are so soft and beautiful in their own right.

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