It’s kind of hard to avoid the hype and insanity over The Hunger Games lately. And frankly, as a fan, I’m not sure I want to. Frankly, it’s been nice to bask in the fandom-induced crazy which has been plaguing the internet with the release of the movie.

Coinciding with the movie’s release, China Glaze has released twelve colours, one for each District of Panem. I can’t say these were all that easy for me to get my hands on, being down here in Middle Earth New Zealand, but I decided to give in to horrible inflation, and purchased some from the wonderful Candy Girl. Of the twelve, I purchased Agro, Stone Cold, and Riveting.

Although Agro is definitely my favourite of the three, Riveting has that little bit of something which I’m always looking for in a nail polish: Colour? Check. Shimmer? Check. Something Different? Check.

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a nail polish quite like Riveting. It’s a shimmery orange foil, with a golden flecks. It catches the light wonderfully. It seems a little redder in darker lighting than it is, and my photos seem to have (sadly) captured that despite desperately trying otherwise.

Although I’m not convinced it’s my colour, it’s definitely one that I can see myself using again, simply because it’s so pretty. The formula was great: I could have easily worn it with only one coat, but went for two to cover up some bald spots. I’m quite eager to try this with a silver shatter polish I have, or even as part of a nail art mani. We’ll have to see.

(2 coats Riveting; 1 coat Seche Vite. Photo 1 in natural light; photo 2 indoors with flash.)


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