Today’s swatch is Victoriana from Butter London and it is easily one of my Top 20 polishes.

The Butter London site describes Victoriana as ‘a textured twinkling vintage blue, pale and slightly smoky. Things reminiscent of the Victorian era, such as corsets, top hats and Syphilis‘. Syphilis aside, the color does strike me as vintage/antique. Something about the dustiness combined with the silver shimmer – it’s lovely. The blue does have a hint of green, which is more apparent in certain light. It was overcast when I took the photos below, and in that light I saw more of the green.

The formula is excellent. I can almost get away with one coat, but I usually do two out of habit.  Between the color and the formula, Victoriana is just… amazing.




(Swatch is two coats of polish, in natural light.)


4 thoughts on “Victoriana”

  1. I was pretty damn close to buying this a few days ago. So very close. Except for the fact that I am broke and $30 for a bottle of polish is silly when you have no money. Curse you, $30 bottle of Butter London!

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