61 & 62

Nfu Oh 61 and 62


Nfu Oh 61 and 62

Nfu Oh 61 and 62 are linear holographic polishes – silver and nude, respectively.   The bottles are kind of amazing, no?  Super cute, from the laces on the back of the cap to the dress detailing on the bottle.

They look unassuming in the pictures above, but once direct light hits them… they come alive.  The type of light doesn’t particularly matter in my experience; you’ll see rainbows under indoor lights and in full sun (though, they are more vibrant in the sun).  Pics or it didn’t happen?  Read on, my friend.


61- artificial light in the first image, sunlight in the second

Nfu Oh 61

Nfu Oh 61


62- artificial light in the first image, sunlight in the second

Nfu Oh 62

Nfu Oh 62


You will want to use the Nfu Oh Aqua Base (or other similar base coat for holographic polishes) underneath to ensure a smooth application and enhance the holographic ‘flash’.   I have yet to order a holo base, so application was a bit annoying and the rainbow isn’t as strong as it could be.

For my swatches, I used a thin coat of Barielle Fortifying Nail Builder as my base, topped with three thin coats of polish. Though I allowed for plenty of dry time between coats, I had to contend with bald spots and streaks before it evened out on the last coat.  If you have nail ridges, don’t be surprised if you can still see them after application.

Both 61 and 62 dried quickly, which is typical of holographic polishes. I didn’t use a top coat since most of them tend to dull the intensity of the polish.  Because of the lack of top coat and the almost matte-like finish, I found that they chipped faster than a standard creme polish.

Still… they’re gorgeous.  Worth the hassle.


5 thoughts on “61 & 62”

    1. Yup, the nude one definitely looks better on me, especially when it’s not in direct light. Then, it turns into a pretty conservative looking plain nude, where the silver turns into a *very* light, stark silvery shade.

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