Lady of the Lake

This is just a quick swatch of Lady of the Lake from A-England’s ‘The Mythicals’ collection.  It’s a muted purple with a subtle, scattered holographic effect.

Lady of the Lake by A-England


The formula of this polish is amazing.  If I apply it perfectly, it’s opaque in one coat… but it’s certainly opaque in two.  It wears well;  these photos were taken on the third day, and there were only a few very small chips on the corners of a couple of nails.


Lady of the Lake by A-England


Oh, and it’s just as nice out of the sun, where the holographic effect disappears…  it becomes a lovely shimmer that reminds me of a purple version of Butter London’s Victoriana.


Lady of the Lake by A-England

(All photos taken in natural light – the first two in direct sun, the last in the shade.  Two coats.)


6 thoughts on “Lady of the Lake”

  1. This is absolutely incredible. I really want to get my hands on some of these A-England polishes. This has been my favourite one so far.

  2. I honestly cannot wait until I can get my hands on this, St. George and Dragon. Honestly, some of the prettiest colours and holographic effects I’ve seen.

    1. I actually have swatches of Saint George waiting in the wings… it was a toss up when I went to choose which to post first! Lady of the Lake won out because it was my first A-England. haha

      They really are great polishes.

  3. Love it! Where do you recommend buying A-England polishes? I’ve seen a few different swatches but until recently I had never heard of the brand.

  4. I LOVE this color, so pretty! I definitely need to order this, and Iseult, Avalon and St. George. A-England has gorgeous colors 🙂

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