Shift Happens

There is one polish that has been at the top of my wishlist since I got back into nail polish – Clarins 230, aka ‘Unicorn Pee’.  Unfortunately, it was discontinued long ago and is fairly expensive when you come across it.  Ebay prices are usually anywhere from $60 – $100 USD, and frankly… no.  No thank you.

But you know how it goes – if there’s a demand, someone will supply.  There have been recent attempts to dupe 230 from Max Factor and Girly Bits, an indie polish brand.

Max Factor’s release, Fantasy Fire, has been hard for me to acquire because Max Factor was pulled from the US in 2010 (low sales).  They sell their products online through Boots, but the UK Boots won’t ship to the US and the US Boots doesn’t carry the polish.  There are some bottles up on Ebay, but the prices are kinda crazy for a mini polish, which is how Fantasy Fire is sold.

That meant my best bet was Girly Bits’ Shift Happens.  After looking at swatches comparing it to 230, I waited for Girly Bits to restock on Llarowe and pounced as soon as it was available.

Pam describes Shift Happens as a “sheer red-purple based layering polish, with strong colour shifts from red to green to gold”.   How would I describe it?  Amazing.  Beautiful.  Gorgeous. The shift is apparent no matter the light.  The only difference the light made was on the intensity of the shift and the shimmer.

In the pictures below, you’ll see one coat of Shift Happens over one coat of Zoya Pinta (a dark purple creme).

Outdoors, in shade

Shift Happens by Girly Bits

Shift Happens by Girly Bits


Outdoors, full sun

Shift Happens by Girly Bits


Indoors, natural light

Shift Happens by Girly Bits

Shift Happens by Girly Bits

Shift Happens by Girly Bits


Indoors, artificial light

Shift Happens by Girly Bits


When in stock, you can purchase Girly Bits from her Big Cartel site and from Llarowe.


7 thoughts on “Shift Happens”

  1. Oh my word, I love the indoor natural light photos. I’m not a huge fan of duo-chrome/polishes that shift colour, but this is lovely

  2. This is like a MULTIchrome polish. Haha. I love it so much and I wish I could have unicorn pee. Perhaps one day I will get one of these imitations, at least. It looks amazing.

  3. I haven’t really been bought on dark duochromes yet. I think it’s the layering-on-black thing that most people seem to do… I think I’ve worn black nail polish once, and it was a disaster. I’d definitely need to try something like this before completely giving up on them though, because there is something lovely about this one.

  4. Wonderful pictures I have this polish but was clueless on what undie to put under it. Thank you for answering my question…it will look gorgeous when I were them together.

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