Don’t Blink

Don’t Blink is yet another Doctor Who inspired polish from Nerd Lacquer.  It’s a light grey creme with dark grey and silver glitter in varying sizes and shapes.

Don't Blink by Nerd Lacquer

The polish applied evenly, and I needed only two coats to completely cover the nail.  There was a bit of texture from the glitter, so I sealed it up with a coat of Seche Vite to smooth everything out.

Don't Blink by Nerd Lacquer

Similar to the other Nerd Lacquer polishes I’ve tried, the glitter in Don’t Blink tends to sink to the bottom of the bottle.  I just give the bottle a quick shake or roll to disperse the glitter, and it’s good to go.

Don't Blink by Nerd Lacquer



An aside: I almost didn’t want to publish this post, because it seems Nerd Lacquer has all but disappeared (her Etsy shop is gone, etc), which makes getting your hands on her polishes very difficult.  I hope all is well with her and she returns soon.  My NL’s were some of the first indie polishes I fell in love with.


One thought on “Don’t Blink”

  1. Don’t Blink is definitely a stunner. I like how subtle the glitter is in this one. So many indie glitters these days are way too over the top on the glitter front. I have the same problem with my NL’s too in terms of the glitter sinking, and I’m not really sure how to solve it. I’ve had them sitting on their caps for a week at one stage with very little change. Always a bit disappointing.

    As for the news about Amanda’s shop… I have to say, I’m very disappointed. I purchased back when she was still new at it all, and she was very considerate in terms of customer service, even giving me a full-sized freebee because of how delayed my order was. I hope everything is going okay for her, because it seems so out of character for her to avoid replying to emails and messages all together. That said, all good things must come to an end at some point, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s felt that all these indie polishes on the market just make producing her own seem a little pointless.

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