Desert Sun & Kalahari Kiss

As promised, here are a couple more polishes from the China Glaze ‘On Safari’ collection – Desert Sun and Kalahari Kiss.  I still have the two glitters from the collection to share, but I wanted to get these strange/uncommon polishes out of the way first.

Desert Sun is described as a ‘delicious caramel’, which I suppose is true in some lights.  For me, I see a bit more orange, reminiscent of a pumpkin pie.

Speaking of pies, I believe Desert Sun is fairly close to OPI’s OPI & Apple Pie.  Perhaps a bit lighter.  I don’t have the other polish to make a true comparison, but they seem close in the swatches I’ve seen online.

The formula was similar to the rest of the cremes in this collection – very smooth and opaque after two coats.

China Glaze Desert Sun


China Glaze Desert Sun


Next, we have Kalahari Kiss.  It’s described as a “light sand brown”, but doesn’t come across as brown.  Light sand, sure.  It reminds me of a retro appliance beige/bisque.

Again, the formula is comparable to Desert Sun and the rest… two coats to opacity.  Though, if I look hard enough I can see some ridge lines here and there.  A third coat would eliminate them completely.


China Glaze Kalahari Kiss


China Glaze Kalahari Kiss

(The photos above were taken in natural light.)


3 thoughts on “Desert Sun & Kalahari Kiss”

  1. These put me in such a mood for fall. Is it bad that your nails remind me of pumpkin spice? ‘Cause I’m so ready for pumpkin spice to be in like everything I eat and drink for the next few months.

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