China Glaze Unpredictable

China Glaze released the New Bohemian Luster Chrome collection earlier this month, and while I had been looking forward to it since the collection was announced, some of the early swatches made me think twice.  They didn’t seem to reflect the amazing duochrome that was visible in pictures of the bottles.  Then I took a trip to Sally Beauty and saw that amazing bottle duochrome in person… and I couldn’t resist.  I had to grab two – Rare & Radiant and Unpredictable.

Crazy, right?  Still, I’m glad I bought them… they ended up being really lovely.  I’ve taken a ton of photos, so I’ll give each polish its own post.

Unpredictable is a duochrome that shifts between green and blue, depending on the light.  It’s a vivid, metallic green in direct sunlight, but I found I liked it better in shaded natural light because that gave the blue a chance to pop out.  Which is fortunate, since it was overcast when I took the photos below.

The formula was decent, though you can see brush strokes after application.  That seems to be in line with other recent chrome collections (Essie’s Mirror Metallics, Deborah Lippmann’s Mirrored Chrome, etc), so I’m not going to hold it against China Glaze.  The polish was sheer with just one coat, but I was satisfied with the opacity after a second coat.


China Glaze Unpredictable


China Glaze Unpredictable


For some reason, I didn’t expect polishes from the Bohemian collection to wear well.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  After two coats of Unpredictable, I added my regular coat of Seche Vite and enjoyed three days without chips. There was the tiniest bit of tip-wear, but I’ve come to expect that from polishes when I forget to wrap the tips of my nails.

The mani might have been fine for another day or two, but I can’t stick with one polish too long.  I was itching to give Rare & Radiant a try – expect a swatch of it soon!


China Glaze Unpredictable


China Glaze Unpredictable


China Glaze Unpredictable

Just a final note:  If you can’t find Unpredictable and you have access to Nicole by OPI, there is a dupe called Mer-Maid For Each Other.


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