Natty & Feifei

Zoya Natty and Feifei… all you really need to know is that they are ah-may-zing.

Natty is a “smoky deep steel blue” creme from Zoya’s Fall 2012 Designer collection.   The formula is perfect; one coat is all you need, and that coat applies smoothly.  If you are at all drawn to this color, buy it.  Seriously.

One coat of Natty topped with Seche Vite, natural light:

Zoya Natty

Zoya Natty


Next, from the Fall 2012 Diva collection, Feifei is a microglitter polish with a steel blue base and blue, gold, and pink “iridescent metallic” sparkle.  I’ll occasionally catch a glimpse of silver and green, which I tried to capture in the photos below (natural, shaded light).

The formula is sheer, so I needed three thin coats to make the polish completely opaque.  Oh, and ignore the nail on my pinky/little finger… I bumped it up against something before the polish was completely dry.


Zoya Feifei

Zoya Feifei

Zoya Feifei


Finally, here is Natty with a Feifei accent nail (one coat of Feifei over one coat of Natty).  They’re kinda made for each other.  I can already see myself wearing these two a LOT during the upcoming fall/winter.

Natural light (unshaded and shaded, respectively):

Zoya Feifei and Natty

Zoya Feifei and Natty



3 thoughts on “Natty & Feifei”

  1. Wow I love Natty! I just bought a colour very similar to it but one coat formula?! Wow! And I have to say Allyson that your swatch is the first I’ve seen that makes Feifei look interesting… Hmmm might have to get it after all!

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