Influenster is an online community of people who love to use their social influence (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc) to pass along opinions about a wide variety of products and experiences.  Brands often need constructive input where their products are concerned, and Influenster creates a link between the community and these brands.  If you love learning about new products and passing along your latest discoveries, definitely join.  Membership is free!

As a member, you strive to earn Expert Badges by completing different objectives – filling out surveys, writing reviews, posting blogs/vlogs, and more.  These badges help brands target members who would be most interested in trying out their products.

There many types of badges, so you can be sure one or more of your areas of interest are covered.  For example, I currently have the Gamer, Fashionista, Chowhound, Gadgeteer, and Pop Culture badges.  I’m eager to earn the Beauty Queen, Decorator, and Fan-Addict badges.   There are also LifeStage Badges for moms, college students, pet owners, brides-to-be, and more.

Once you start collecting badges, you get access to deals, promotions, perks, and products.  One of the more exciting offerings comes in the form of a VoxBox, which is a box filled with items for you to use and review.  They’re themed and tie into the badges; most recently I received the Beauty Bloggers VoxBox, which you can see here.

The more active you are, the more awesome stuff you can earn.  And with Influenster’s recent makeover, getting involved is easy.  Leave a comment below (be sure to include your email in the appropriate field) and I will send you an invite!


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