Halloween Nails

This is coming in at the last possible moment, but I figured it was better late than never.  I’ve kept track of a few of my Halloween-inspired manicures and wanted to share in case someone needed nail inspiration.


Blood Drip Nails –

Bloody Nails

Not exactly a unique idea, but it’s easy to do and perfect for Halloween.  I started with a ridge-filling base coat and painted on the drips with Essie’s Lacy Not Racy.  I used a dotting tool with a small tip to create the design.  Not the best I’ve done (I think I prefer the results of my previous try), but they get the job done!



Blood Splatter Nails- 

Blood Splatter

Again, not unique… but very Dexter, no?  I achieved this look by dipping the tip of a straw into my bottle of Lacy Not Racy, then hovering it over my nail and blowing into the opposite end to splatter my nails.

Super messy, I’m not going to lie.  Be prepared to clean up your fingers with a brush or q-tip dipped in nail polish remover.

A lot of people like to use a white base beneath the splatter, but I like the look of it over bare nails.  I just wish I’d waited a bit longer before painting on a top coat; it seemed to drag some of the red polish and made my nails look slightly pink.



Orange Rhombus Glitter Nails-

Subtle Halloween Glitter

I originally went with China Glaze Riveting for a simple manicure, but decided to spice it up on the second day with a bit of glitter.  Instead of grabbing a glitter polish, I went for my pack of rhombus-shaped glitter.  It took a bit of time to place each piece and I’m not sure I have the patience to do every nail… but it makes for a neat accent.



Orange and Black Outline/Border Nails-

Outline Nails

Let me just say this up front – don’t do this mani while you’re watching a movie.  All attention has to be devoted squarely on your nails, or you’re not going to get decent lines.  Also, make sure your nails are filed evenly.

Basically… don’t be like me.

To create this look, I painted on two coats of China Glaze Life Preserver, waited for it to dry, then outlined my nails with an opaque black (Wet n Wild Fast Dry Ebony Hates Chris).  Sounds deceptively simple, but you have to have a steady hand.

If you did a Halloween manicure, let me know below!


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