When Stars Collide

After having been ridiculously excited about the China Glaze Hologlam collection when it was first announced, only to be a little disappointed at the weak holo when blogger swatches started popping up, I decided to just pick up the four that appealed to me the most:

When Stars Collide was first on my list, because it seemed to be one of the stronger holos in the collection and the color is rather nice.  The polish is described as a warm maroon, but it leans purple on me (and in the bottle, honestly).

The formula is fairly easy to work with, provided you apply thin coats and allow them to dry completely before starting a new coat.  I used two coats over Essie Matte About You since I have yet to pick up an aqua/holo base.  I can still see a few ridges, but they’re nowhere near as visible as when the polish is applied over bare nails.  I avoided using a top coat for these pictures, but my regular top coat (Butter London Hardwear) didn’t kill the holo when I applied it later.

China Glaze When Stars Collide


China Glaze When Stars Collide


I took these photos in natural light; indirect sunlight in the two images above, and shade in the one below.  The holo is definitely stronger in direct sunlight and direct indoor light, so that’s something to keep in mind.


China Glaze When Stars Collide


A couple of weeks later, I wore Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Butterscotch from the Spring 2013 Designer collection.  I wanted to add a little something on the second day… and that something was a When Stars Collide chevron pattern.

(P.S. – Butterscotch is two-coat yellow perfection.)

Butterscotch / When Stars Collide


Have you tried any of the new Hologlam polishes?  Thoughts?



6 thoughts on “When Stars Collide”

  1. I love holos, but I’ve been kind of ho-hum about these ones. I did pick up Don’t Be a Luna-tic and Cosmic Dust because I don’t have any holos in those shades yet, but I simply HAD to get Infa-Red and Not In This Galaxy because I just can’t pass up the possibility for more hot pink holos. And they do both look rather hot pinkish on my nails, despite Not In This Galaxy looking more coral in the swatches I saw.

    1. Yeah, they’re not as impressive as I’d hoped when they first announced the collection. Unfortunate.

      Luckily, there’s no shortage of excellent holos! FNUG and Layla, in particular.

  2. I was really disappointed with the China Glaze holographics. They were so muddy and muted and a little boring. Pretty colors, but I was missing that stunning PUNCH TO THE FACE that I love and crave. Color Club and Super Black certainly have an edge on the holographic market, in terms of both intensity and color selection.

    On the plus side, they’re not ugly colors and I do wear them. They just aren’t what I was hoping for at all.

    1. It was a shame. I mean, we know China Glaze can do holos well – the OMG collection years ago was great. They should have been able to do something similar, especially when other companies were clearly able to achieve that strong rainbow holo.

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