Blues and Greens

Blues and blue-leaning greens are my nail polish weakness.  Unless it’s an exact dupe for something I already own, I have a hard time turning one down.  And I have been wearing them A LOT lately.

Nails Inc Baker Street is a bright cobalt blue that you need in your life.  End of story.  The formula is excellent – two easily applied coats and you’re done.  My photo below isn’t really getting the vibrancy across, so check it out in person if you can.

Nails Inc Baker Street


Illamasqua Venous is a gorgeous, dusty blue-green.  As with all of the other Illamasqua polishes I’ve tried, the formula is perfect.  Though a touch more blue, it’s similar to Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money.


Illamasqua Venous


The last three polishes are from the Maybelline Color Show Summer 2013 collection… a collection that prominently features blue and green.  As with the rest of the Color Show polishes, the formula on these is pretty good.  For me, they applied smoothly, with complete coverage in two coats.

First up is Midnight Swim, which is (as one might expect) a midnight blue.  It dried down darker than the color in the bottle.

Maybelline Color Show Midnight Swim


Next up is Azure Seas, and like Midnight Swim, the name is indicative of the color.  I thought it would be similar to China Glaze Shower Together or Aqua Baby, but Azure Seas is bluer than both of them.


Maybelline Color Show Azure Seas


Finally, here’s Urban Utopia. I had a hard time accurately photographing this color – it’s pulling a bit blue, but in person it’s definitely more green.  I attempted to color correct, but it’s still not quite there.  Think #2db295.


Maybelline Color Show Urban Utopia


Are there any colors you’ve been gravitating toward lately?


4 thoughts on “Blues and Greens”

  1. Pretty much drooling over Urban Utopia. It’s stunning.

    I’ve been gravitating towards my blues a lot more lately. It was my purples for a while, but lately, I just can’t seem to bring myself to wear them.

  2. I find it almost impossible to not buy all of the bottles of pinks and corals I come across, and if I were to actually go through my hoard I’d probably find that I have way too many neon/hot pink dupes. Oh well. Lately I’ve been trying to branch out more and fill in the blue and greens in my collection, because they’re seriously lacking. I am loving Illamasqua Venous here, as a matter of fact I just ordered it, and Muse, Nomad, and Noble.

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