Nails and Q-tips® Precision Tips


I recently received the Something Blue VoxBox from Influenster, which contained Q-tips Precision Tips in a handy travel pack.  I already owned them before receiving them in the box, so I was thrilled to get the travel pack to throw in my bag for an upcoming weekend trip.

For short trips or vacations, I don’t like to pack a lot of nail-related items… multiple bottles of polish, top and base coats, polish remover, etc.  But nail polish chips or I find that I want to change the look of my nails after a day or two. To solve these problems, I just pack a coordinating polish color and some Q-tips so I can paint over the edge to cover tip wear.

I’ll use my current nails as an example.  I’ve been wearing Zoya Heidi for a few days, but the free edge was starting to chip slightly.  I didn’t feel like removing the polish and repainting my nails, so I grabbed my bottle of Essie In the Cab-ana and went to work.


I simply dipped the end of the Q-tip in the polish and lightly rolled it along the free edge of my nail, creating a tiny line which covered the tip wear.  So easy.


It’s such a small change, but it adds that bit of oomph I sometimes want from my manicure.  Plus, it takes around five minutes and saves me from the hassle of changing my polish completely.  Who wouldn’t want that when they’re trying to get out and enjoy their vacation?

* Disclaimer: Q-Tips were provided to me by Influenster for testing/review purposes.


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