Essie Vested Interest

This is just a quick ‘Nail of the Day’ post featuring Vested Interest from Essie’s Fall 2013 collection.  I have a few more posts coming up shortly… possibly another non-polish related one?  Let us know below (or on our Facebook page) if you’re interested in seeing a wider range of beauty products on TLD.


Essie Vested Interest


Vested Interest is the kind of fall shade I live for – a lovely muted grey-green cream.  (Actually, I love greyed-out polishes as a general rule, no matter the season.)

The formula and application are great; the polish paints on smoothly and two coats is all I need for full opacity.  The wear is average, so definitely use a top coat to add some durability to your mani.


Essie Vested Interest


I read that Vested Interest is very close to another Essie polish, School of Hard Rocks, from the Winter 2011 collection, so I have a comparison for you below.


Essie Vested Interest vs School of Hard Rocks


Though School of Hard Rocks leans slightly more blue/teal, I have to admit they’re pretty close.  Not dupes, but if you have one you may not need the other.


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