Meaningful Beauty Creme de Serum

Almost a month ago, I received Meaningful Beauty’s Creme de Serum from Influenster.  I’ve been using it daily since then, so I can give an informed review for those who may be considering a purchase.

Here are the claims made by Meaningful Beauty:

This crème de la crème treatment takes a triple approach to combating the signs of aging with three powerful anti-aging ingredients: superantioxidant melon complex, anti-aging peptides and hyaluronic acid. Combining the power of a serum with the rich, moisturizing effects of a crème, this super-boost is designed to help protect, increase hydration and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

So how do the results measure up?  Keep reading for my opinion…

First, a bit of background: I just entered my 30s a year ago and have combination/oily skin with very few wrinkles.  Because of the lack of wrinkles, I wasn’t able to determine how well the product reduced their appearance. Since many ladies received this same sample, you may want to visit Google and seek out their reviews if wrinkle reduction is your main concern.

What I did notice upon my initial use was that it made my pores appear smaller, which is a plus but not super helpful because I usually applied Creme de Serum at night and by the time morning came around the effect on my pores had disappeared.  “So, apply it in the morning,” you say.  I gave that a go, but found it didn’t make a great base for my Korres Mattifying Primer, which I am not keen on giving up as part of my makeup routine.  The combination seemed to make my oily skin appear dry, which is not flattering at all.

However, when I was using it as a night cream, I found it to be hydrating and smoothing.  The formula is very lightweight and worked into my skin well without leaving behind any greasy residue.  The scent reminded me of a cross between an ‘unscented’ lotion and Vitamin E capsules (read: there’s not much to it).  Also, a little goes a long way; I only needed half a pump to cover my entire face.  Assuming the pump on the full size is the same, I could see a bottle lasting quite a while.


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