Influenster – Go VoxBox

Disclosure: These items were provided to me by Influenster for testing/review purposes. All opinions are my own. *


It’s Influenster time again!  (What’s Influenster, some might ask?  Ch-ch-check it out.)

This time I received the Go VoxBox:

I’ll go ahead and get the one thing I didn’t try out of the way – the Playtex Sport tampons.  I don’t use tampons, so they were passed along to a friend.  I’m told they work well, but (as is the case with many feminine products) the addition of a ‘light scent’ was unnecessary.  Price – $4.99.

The first thing I tried in the box was the Aqua Spa Relax Lavender + Chamomile Body Crème.  The scent is nice – it reminds me a bit of a lavender cocoa butter, if you can imagine that. The lotion is thick, which is what I look for in a body cream, and it’s not greasy.  I did find that it took a while to soak in completely, so I prefer to use this lotion before bed.  Price – $9.99.

Next I tried the PROFOOT Triad Orthotic Shoe inserts and Pedi-Rock. Love, love, love them both.  The shoe inserts are 3/4 length, which make them perfect for use in my flats.  They don’t seem to slip around… another plus.  The Pedi-Rock is probably one of my favorite items in the box.  I’ve used it dry and wet (after bath/shower), and both times yielded great results.  The ‘rock’ is a firm sponge-like material with a sandpaper-ish coating.  The design makes it easy to hold and easy to get around the curves of your foot.  The only potential negative is that it also scrubs your palm and fingertips if you hold it with your bare hand.  Just something to keep in mind.  Price of inserts – $10.49; Price of Pedi-Rock – $8.99.

Then came the Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds.  The taste was okay (more ‘generic sweet’ than ‘blueberry’), but I wasn’t a huge fan of the gritty texture of the sugar/blueberry flavored coating.  They come in small 1.2oz snack sizes (which I received) as well as 4oz and 10oz bags. Price for 4oz bag – $3.19.

I was most excited to try the Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Shakes & Jaxx Shaker Cup. The cup looked interesting, if only because of the huge ‘jack’ used to mix the powder and water.  The jack did the job, too; the ingredients combined easily and thoroughly.  Of the mixes I received, I’ve only tried the French Vanilla flavor (the other two are Fresh Berries and Swiss Chocolate), and was impressed.  The few meal replacement shakes I’ve tried have been bland, watery, and/or chalky… and the Vanilla, while just slightly watery, wasn’t bad at all.  It kept me full, which is the whole point!  Price for Jaxx cup – $7.99; Price for shakes – 14 packs for $24.99.

Finally, I redeemed the coupon you see in the image above for a Müller Greek Corner Lowfat Yogurt with Blackberry & Raspberry.  It’s gluten free, has no HFCS, and no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavors. Oh, and it’s tasty!  The greek-style yogurt itself is creamy, and the fruit is just enough to sweeten it without overwhelming everything.  Price – I don’t remember exactly; around a dollar.


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