Dance Legend Knight

The polish in this post is one of my favorites in… a while.  I could have filled the space below with picture after picture, but I managed to keep it down to four.

Earlier this year, Dance Legend released the Chameleon collection and among them was Knight.  This multichrome stunner shifts from bronze to gold to green to a deep blue/grey.  From time to time I even see flashes of purple.  The shift itself is pretty dramatic and you can see it in any light.  My pictures below were taken indoors, but the polish still packs a punch in direct sunlight (it just takes on a more foil-like appearance).


Dance Legend Knight


The formula is great.  The polish applied like a dream and I only needed two coats for complete coverage.  You could probably use a black base coat, as many do with duo/multi/ultra-chromes, but I didn’t find it necessary.


Dance Legend Knight


Dance Legend Knight


There’s just something about that shift; I could stare at my nails for hours.


Dance Legend Knight


Man.  So so sososososo great.  My nails are actually bare at the moment, and I think Knight is calling my name.  Is it calling yours, too?


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