New Subscription ‘Box’ – Stud Club

The Stud Club is a new subscription service from The Pickle Queen.  I found out about it on Instagram, which shouldn’t surprise me because I’ve discovered all sorts of interesting things there.  (See?)

Here’s the description from the Etsy page:

This is the gift that keeps on giving. It is a three month stud earring subscription. Each month new studs will be specially designed and packaged in a creative curated box. You will receive a pair of stud earrings specially wrapped in a surprise box with a special message just for you. Just pull the message to reveal what it says! Then tear open the package to discover your awesome new studs!

The subscription costs just $15 for three months, and shipping is a flat $7.50 ($2.50/month).  You purchase the subscription through Etsy, and your first package will ship within a week.  The following packages will ship on the 15th of the next two months.


The packaging is quite adorable.  The stamped paper is hand-sewn on the edges, and there’s a little tag you pull out ‘fortune cookie style’ that contains a personalized message about the month’s inspiration.  This month the contents were inspired by old-fashioned love letters.



There was a “Stud-Off” on Twitter and Instagram, giving subscribers the opportunity to vote on the month’s earrings.  The winner ended up being the cute set of lips you see above!



The special gift was a mini stationery set with three note cards, the coolest little envelopes, and a tiny pencil.  My daughter fell in love with the set and promptly took them off my hands.


I’m impressed with this new subscription service.  The earrings are adorable, the attention to detail is outstanding, and the price is perfect.  Whether buying for yourself or a friend/loved one, you can’t go wrong.

If you’re interested, you can check out the Stud Club or the rest of Lulu’s Etsy shop!


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