A few from the Sinful Colors King Kylie Collection + Comparisons

King Kylie Collection

Swatches of polishes from the Sinful Colors King Kylie collection are everywhere, but what’s the harm in a few more, right?

I picked up Slay Grey, Karamel, and On Fyre; they happen to be the three in the collection that have a gorgeous gold shimmer.  I like what I like, I suppose!

All of the swatches below were photographed in natural light with no top coat.


First up is Karamel, a pink-nude with the aforementioned gold shimmer.  It applied streaky on the first coat, but was smooth and opaque by the second coat.

It’s maybe not the best nude, color-wise, that I’ve tried… but I think it works.

Slay Grey

Next up is my favorite of the trio, Slay Grey.  On me, this grey has a slightly green tint.  And though I didn’t encounter the streakiness I did with Karamel, the first coat left me with a bit of the ol’ visible nail line.  The second coat took care of that issue, no problem.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by my love for Slay Grey; it’s quite similar to my all-time favorite from the Sinful Shine line, Prosecco.  Both are fairly muted shades… both have that gold shimmer… Prosecco just leans more taupe/greige. See:


Prosecco is still on top, between the two.  I have a ‘thing’ for taupey greige polishes.  Perhaps that’s another post for another day.


On Fyre

Finally, I picked up On Fyre.  When I saw it on the display, I knew it was coming home with me.  That vibrant red and strong gold shimmer reminded me of Inferno, one of the polishes from the CoverGirl Capitol Collection (part of the Hunger Games collaboration).  Those Glosstini bottles are so tiny (3.5ml), and I figured On Fyre would be a decent backup, should the need arise.

The application for On Fyre was surprisingly good.  I assumed it would take two coats like the previous polishes, but I was able to get decent coverage with the first coat alone.  I went back and did a second coat for consistency’s sake, but unless you prefer thin coats you should be able to get away with just one.

On Fyre vs Inferno

So how did On Fyre stack up against Inferno?  They’re similar, though not dead-on dupes.  Inferno is on my ring and index fingers above, and you can see that it’s more warm.


Have you grabbed a polish from any of Kylie’s new Sinful Colors collections?


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