Gillette Venus Swirl Review #ChooseToSmooth

Gillette Venus Swirl

I recently qualified for the Gillette Venus Swirl box from Influenster, and while I’ve used various Gillette women’s razors over the years, I hadn’t ever tried the Swirl.

I’m always on the lookout for a razor that gives me a quick, close shave and smooth skin, so I was excited to receive the Swirl.

Gillette Venus Swirl

First things first, let me say how much I appreciate the packaging.  The plastic shell had a perforated seam which made opening it nearly effortless.  Certainly a step up from the razor packaging I typically see.  That may seem like such a small detail, but it was so helpful.

Anyway, on with my thoughts on the razor itself!

Gillette Venus Swirl

The handle has a nice curve and soft sides for maximum grip, though I feel that’s fairly standard for razors of this type.  There’s also a soft spot near the Flexiball where your finger goes to give you more control over the movement.

Speaking of the Flexiball… Upon seeing the razor, I assumed the ball would move in all four directions (up, down, left, and right).  Instead, it simply has a slight side-to-side movement to help contour to the body.  I don’t feel as though it’s able to “reach spots other razors may miss”, as the packaging suggests, but I do find that the extra movement makes it easier to get spots in one pass.  The Flexiball also helped the razor glide over trouble spots, such as the knees and underarms.

Gillette Venus Swirl

The head of the razor has five blades along with a MicroFine comb which guides hair to the blades.  I’m not sure the comb actually made a difference, but I can’t discount it either.  The cartridge also contains a water-activated MoistureGlide serum to help the blades glide over the skin for a smoother shave.  The serum certainly did just that.

Overall, I was pleased with the Gillette Venus Swirl.  I felt that it met most of my expectations and gave me the close, smooth shave I desire.  I look forward to using it again, and would definitely recommend it if you’ve been searching for a better razor.


Disclosure:  I received this item courtesy of Influenster for testing and review purposes.


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