Sula Paint & Peel Polishes, Part 2

(To read more about Sula Paint & Peel polishes and how I feel about the formula, visit this post.)

This is part two of my Sula swatch-fest (part one can be found here)! For these swatches, I applied the polish as directed – clean nails, no base or top coat.

Berry – two coats. Smooth application, only a few small streaks. Dries darker than bottle color.

Watermelon – two coats. You can see a bit of visible nail line, but the formula on this one was quite good. Dries darker than bottle color.

Blush – quite a number of coats. What is going on here? Why did I even choose to show this? Very sheer, even with around five coats. Still shows visible nail line, and makes the underlying nail look yellow. Ugh. Maybe this polish is simply not for me.

Teal – two coats. Applied well and was opaque in a couple of coats. You can see some of the brush strokes, but that may be remedied with a top coat.


Sula Paint & Peel Swatches

(To read more about Sula Paint & Peel polishes and how I feel about the formula, visit this post.)

This is part one of my Sula swatch-fest (as much as it can be with a total of eight Sula polishes, including the swatch in the previous post)! For these swatches, I applied as directed – clean nails, no base or top coat. Something to note: almost all of them dry darker than the color in the bottle.

Dove – 3 coats. This polish was nearly the worst of the group, as far as application. I love the color, but it took three coats to get this level of coverage and it was still a bit uneven in areas.

Tango – 2 coats. Applied well and had nice coverage in two coats. You can see just a hint of visible nail line.

Royal – 2 coats. Again, applied well and was opaque in two coats.

Four more Sula Paint & Peel swatches will follow soon!


I purchased Sula Paint & Peel for two reasons:
1. I love the bottle design. LOVE. The shape is so appealing to me; it’s very simple and slightly smaller than the average bottle (.37 fl oz / 11ml compared to .5 fl oz / 15ml). And the typography? Oh man. That is probably the aspect that really sold me on the purchase.
2. The polish is non-toxic, water-based, and B3F. I feel more comfortable using this polish to paint my daughter’s nails, and I imagine it would be perfect for pregnant women who want to avoid the harsh smell and chemicals in traditional polish.

There are a couple of things to know before you decide to pick up a bottle. The formula, because it’s water-based, is a bit hard to apply. It can be quite streaky and uneven, so I definitely recommend thin coats with sufficient dry time between them. You’re meant to apply the polish to naked nails, which I completely forgot about when swatching (I have a few more Sula P&P polishes to swatch, so I’ll try to remember for next time). You also have to avoid hot water for 4 hours, or the edges will start detaching from the nail.

After it dries it takes on a rubbery finish, but Sula sells a water-based top coat if you want some shine. In fact, Sula P&P polishes are now sold in dual-ended bottles, with the color on one end and a clear top coat on the other.

As for removal-by-peeling? Eh. I have never been successful in peeling off the entire strip of polish in one go, like I’ve seen elsewhere. Also, it feels like it’s pulling up on nail as I peel, and that’s enough to make me break out the remover.

Basically, there is a trade-off to be made. If you want to use this water-based formula, you’re going to lose some of the advantages of traditional polish, such as the smooth application and lasting power. These polishes are meant to be temporary, as the Sula founder pointed out in the Style List article linked above. Whether that was the true intention or simply a marketing ploy used to excuse the formula… the world may never know.

On to the swatch! This is three thin coats of Vermilion, a vibrant orange, with Seche Vite top coat (which is full of chemicals, haha):

LCD Layering

About two weeks ago, I saw Sally Hansen HD LCD in a Target clearance bin. It’s not the sort of color I would wear on its own – a sheer, shimmery pink with a blue/purple flash – but I saw its potential as a layering polish. I have to say… I was right. The blue and purple pop out instantly when layered over black, and you can see a duochrome-esque effect when you move your fingers.

This is one coat of Sally Hansen HD LCD over one coat of Wet n Wild Fast Dry Ebony Hates Chris. The lighting in the last shot was odd, so I color corrected to keep the polish true-to-life.